How can mangos create jobs

in West Africa ?


Find out more about how we operate at our get-together with drinks and music at BUNK Hotel Amsterdam on May 25th, 2-9 PM and pick up your 4kg-box of mangos.

Get a box of organic mangos for free!

Now, only pick up available! Join us for drinks and music at BUNK.


Why are we giving away mangos for free?

We‘re looking for new customers. Many family farmers in Burkina Faso grow mangos but lack access to the global market. Our processing plant in Bobo-Dioulasso allows us to buy mangos and cashews from more than 3,000 family farmers. But there's still room to grow. This year we want to build a new factory and create 1,000 new jobs locally. To do this, we need more people to buy our products from Burkina Faso.

Therefore, we want you to discover the quality of our fresh mangos from Burkina Faso (4kg). Instead of launching an expensive ad campaign, we‘ve decided to give the fruit away and let the mango speak for itself.

We are gebana

We want more sustainability, more equity and more quality at affordable prices. Therefore, we change the rules of the game: we trade differently, you buy differently.


Please bear in mind that this is a limited offer. We cannot guarantee that you'll receive a box of mangos. A maximum of one box per customer is permitted.