Step into a gebana box and accompany our customers and employees in their personal moments
with gebana products.

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Mango harvest in Burkina Faso

Harvest and preparations for transport.

How to crack a coconut?

With the right tools, it’s quite simple to crack a coconut. Chef Tosca shows us how.

Max and Aki

Max and Aki unpack their gebana delivery.

Real bananas are green!

No need for a ripening station: We offer our bananas when still green. You can use them for cooking or ripen them at home.

Almond production in Tunisia

Insights into almond production at our partner Skaya.

Arun's Tipsy Curry

Chef Arun from 'Pacha Mama Berlin' is preparing a curry with green bananas. (only available in German)

Orange tart in 333 seconds

Antonio Di Santo, chef at the Italian restaurant Zum Heiligen Teufel in Berlin, shows how he prepares a fine orange tart using gebana oranges. (only available in German)

Summer orange fields in Greece

We went for a walk through the orange fields near Nafplio, Greece.