Bamboo straws from Bali

These premium handcrafted bamboo straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. With your purchase you support the production in Bali and help MAKASI with promoting eco-consciousness in Indonesia.


Bamboo straws from Bali

These premium handcrafted bamboo straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. With your purchase you support the production in Bali and help MAKASI with promoting eco-consciousness in Indonesia.


Today 90% of all trash floating in the world’s oceans is (single-use) plastic. The Indonesian archipelago is the second largest polluter in the world and its maritime territory is home to the highest level of biodiversity in the world. Our MAKASI initiative turns handcrafted bamboo straws into a purchase with purpose for Balis communities.

What can I do?

Order your set of bamboo straws now!

Support our efforts to reduce plastic use here in Europe as well as in Bali and receive your set of sustainable handcrafted bamboo straws. With only 2500 bamboo straws ordered we can supply our straws to ten more local "warungs" and employ two new MAKASI embassadors to encourage eco-conscious actions.

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What is MAKASI about?

The phrase MAKASI derives from the Bahasa Indonesian term "terima" (=receive) and "kasih" (=give) and is used as an expression of thankfulness!

Our MAKASI initiative stands for social and environmental responsibility, to educate and offer locally handcrafted eco-solutions – such as bamboo straws – for the Bali community as a whole. We are donating 10% of our monthly production of bamboo straws to the locally owned restaurants, so-called "Warungs", to engage the habit and practice of eco-choices for sustainable living. By following up on their concerns, needs and possibilities, we create a change in awareness and an exchange about how to (ultimately) not use plastic straws or other single-use plastics anymore.

The product

MAKASI bamboo straw pack

MAKASI bamboo straw pack small (6 straws incl. brush & cleaning manual)

MAKASI bamboo straws

Our MAKASI bamboo straws

MAKASI bamboo straws different sizes

MAKASI bamboo straw diameters differ from 6-10mm

Straws in glasses

MAKASI bamboo straws are available in different lengths upon request

The fight against plastic waste

As of January 1, Denpasar city government’s ban on plastic bags in “modern” stores – namely convenience stores and supermarkets – came into full effect. The prohibition came just a few weeks ahead of a Bali-wide ban on single-use plastics like straws, styrofoam and poly bags. That is an important mile stone to stop plastic pollution. But the biggest change has to happen in the minds.

We want to use this change of public awareness to bring a new mind set to local businesses and everyone who visits Bali to enjoy its marine life and tropical nature. Over 14 million visitors per year drive Indonesia's economy and create a challenging amount of plastic waste. We want to support restaurants, bars, coffee shops and "Warungs" to offer more natural, eco-friendly solutions "Made in Bali" and bring this change of awareness directly on the table.

The production

Bamboo forest

Our bamboos grow 5-6 months in the thick bamboo forests of Bali and Java.

Different kinds of bamboo

Bamboo is an incredibly robust and flexible material. For our MAKASI bamboo straws we only use thin stalks.

Bamboo processing

Once harvested our bamboos get processed, cut, cleaned and dried in sunlight for 2-3 days. In a next step we start our finishing process by polishing, washing, lasering or coloring our bamboo straws with natural ingredients such as salt, vinegar or black tea.

Ready-made bamboo straws

On request we personalise our bamboo straws for you by lasering and drying them under Bali's sun.

Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia

One straw at a time

With the support of gebana we want to bring our sustainable MAKASI bamboo straw packs from the bamboo forests in Bali and Java directly to Europe. A big step for us to grow in production volume and increase the work with our local partners. With only 2500 sold bamboo straws we are able to supply ten more local restaurants and start to employ two MAKASI ambassadors to bring a "plastic-free mindset" one straw at a time.

We designed our MAKASI bamboo straw sets to become a personal carry-on item. The eco bags fit 15 bamboo straws and include a brush for cleaning after every use. A cleaning label is attached to the inside of the bag. The idea is to not only refrain from using plastic straws (and other single-use plastics) but to engage in the habit of reusing natural alternatives. To be the difference and make it count.

To order personalised bamboo straws (e.g. with your company logo) feel free to contact MAKASI directly via

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